Meet Your Health Coach

What is a health coach? A health coach is like a personal trainer for your overall health, wellness, and lifestyle choices. Health coaches take a more holistic, whole-body approach when it comes to the well-being of their clients. Their focus is on helping with the success of both short and long-term health, wellness, and lifestyle goals. 

Coach Anjee is a Certified Health Coach with a background in Bachelor of Science in Alternative Medicine. She is passionate about helping to educate, guide, motivate, encourage, and support others through their unique health & wellness journey. She believes that food, exercise, and living a more holistic lifestyle can make only positive changes in one's life. 

As your personal health coach, Coach Anjee, will help you to become a better, balanced, and healthier version of yourself now and into the future.

As your 'forever coach'

she wants to help you to become 'forever balanced'. 

When not helping others to live more balanced lives, you can find Coach Anjee enjoying some of her favorite outdoor activities such as kayaking, biking, or occasionally indoor rock climbing.