Incentives sometimes help to encourage us to give more than 100% when it comes to beginning, achieving and maintaining our goals.

That's why 'Forever in Health' has an awesome perks program in place, that will give you even more reasons to stay on track when it comes to your overall health & wellness goals. Points can be earned and redeemed for all sorts of cool swag!

How can you start earning points?

  • Sign up for a coaching package

  • Pay in full for a coaching package

  • Referrals

  • Keeping original appointment/check-in times

  • Reaching your goals

  • Attending "Where's Anjee?" workouts

  • Purchasing add-ons

  • Attending events

  • Attending & bringing guests to classes/workshops

  • Social media posts tagging 'Forever in Health'

  • Reviews on social media

  • Visiting someone referred by 'Forever in Health'

  • Purchase a smart device and utilize it to reach your goals

  • Keep on the lookout for other ways to earn points through out the year