• Anjee Sanders


When it comes to your diet, it needs to be tailored made specifically for you. That's right!

There is no one size fits all diet.

Each one of us is unique, so if we are so unique shouldn't our diet be the same? While there are some basic no brainers behind what a healthy diet looks like, we should pay attention to our bodies and the way we feel following a specific way of eating. There are many fad diets that come and go and there are some that stick around. While others fade only to later emerge under a different name. Some of these diets may work for some while failing for others and can even be detrimental to someones overall health and well-being. People swear by specific ways of eating and try to force feed others with that way, because it has worked for them. It can be very overwhelming and a bit confusing to be honest, even for those who tend to more nutritionally minded. After all there is always new research telling us what is good or what is bad for our health. So, what should we do? Keep it simple, keep it balanced and listen to your body! Oh yeah! And eat real food! What does that mean? Real food doesn't have a detailed ingredient list for you to know what is in it. Example, fruit and vegetables. Real food is the best food for your body, because your body knows what to do with it. When you feed your body a balance of these types of foods regularly, it will respond in a favorable way. I PROMISE! Better digestion, improved sleep, clearer skin, healthier hair, more energy, increased concentration...the list goes on and on. I know it is tempting to start a new fad diet that someone else has jumped into and seems to be having great success with, but remember they are not you and you are not them. What works for them may not work for you. Plus, fad diets can get very costly and I hate to say it, but most people only stick to them for a short period of time before reverting back to old ways. Why is this? I mentioned expense, but complexity comes into play as well. A healthy diet should be simple. It should not take too much time, planning, or preparation. Remembering to incorporate balance as well as choosing foods that don't have a long ingredient list is an easy way to start. Since one size doesn't fit all, you get to pick and choose the things that go into your body that make you feel good, making it the perfect diet for the unique YOU!

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