• Anjee Sanders


Setting personal goals is such an important part of life. How are you doing when it comes to reaching your personal goals, especially the ones related to your health and well-being? If you are like me, you set some pretty big goals, start off really strong towards reaching them, and then something happens. Let's face it, that not so little thing called life gets in the way. Here is what I have noticed about reaching my own personal health goals.

#1 I set goals all the time, but don't actually follow through with them completely, usually because something else get's priority over them.

#2 My goals are usually too vague or not achievable in the near future, which usually makes them seem impossible to reach.

#3 Most of the goals I set are in my head, I don't usually write them down or tell anyone else what these goals are.

#4 I am accountable to only self, and I am pretty easy on myself.

#5 I am always disappointed in myself when I haven't stuck to my goals, this puts me in a very negative state which causes me to stop all effort towards reaching my goals.

So, how do I change this pattern? If I want to be a great example to those I may coach in the future I need to make some changes. Here is my action plan to achieve my goals.

#1 Set small, achievable, balanced goals as well as long-term ones. Make these goals a priority by adding them as a "must do" to your calendar.

#2 Be detailed when setting goals, have a time-line and reward myself when I reach those goals.

#3 Write my goals down in more than one place and share my goals with others, no matter how small the goal may be.

#4 Get an accountability partner, someone who knows me well and knows what they can do to help motivate me. Have this person give me days to check in with them to make sure I am staying on track. Make a agreement with my accountability partner that I will have to do something that I don't like if I don't reach my goals (example: watch a scary movie).

#5 Celebrate small successes with my accountability partner and others, this will encourage me to keep going towards my long-term goals.

By following these five steps, I hope to reach, exceed, and continue towards all of my personal health and wellness goals and set a great example for others as well.

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